The Austrian technical rescue days

The „THL Days“ in Austria have been held annually since their start in Zirl (Tyrol) 2010. At this event, serious traffic accident scenarios will be simulated in order to be processed by the participating rescue teams. The teams are closely monitored and evaluated by international referees and specially trained accident actors.
The aim is to get the paramedic into the accident vehicle to check the injured person. He can assess the condition and the injury pattern there in order to then be able to pass on the corresponding rescue strategy to the team.
If the patient’s condition enables a „spine-friendly“ axis-friendly rescue, this should be carried out in the target time of 20 minutes. This time limit is justified by the guideline value of the „Golden hour of shock“, whereby 20 minutes are provided for alerting and arrival, and 20 minutes for transport to the hospital.
After processing the accident scenario, the participating teams get the opportunity to discuss their individual improvement potentials together with the referees and patient actors in the feedback round.
The Rescue Challenge is absolutely not to be seen as a competition, but as a training event. Even as a spectator, you can learn by observing the other teams and acquire new knowledge and deepen existing knowledge through conversations and discussions with others.
Due to the same working methods and rescue strategies, this event is similar to the VFDU Rescue Challenge in Germany and the international World Rescue Challenge.
This event offers the opportunity to prove your own knowledge and cooperation in the team under real conditions. The trainings in preparation for this event also improve cooperation and improve the routine of the teams.

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